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Why I do what I do is simple:  I believe that camp is a transformational experience for children.  We hide the life lessons behind fun activities, crazy games and camp traditions, but camp teaches children how to be  better and more well-rounded people.  And any camp can have the newest and coolest games or activities, but the single most important aspect of any camp is their staff … and I can make them better.  I want to help camp directors and counselors be better prepared and more able to handle the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs and safety of their campers.  Because every child deserves to experience the magic of camp.

As to my personal background, I am originally from Birmingham, Alabama and have spent my entire life in the camp world.  I began as a camper at Camp Laney for Boys in Mentone, AL every summer starting at age 10.  From the first time through the camp gates, I was hooked.  Camp was a place that I could be myself.  Camp taught me independence, self-confidence, how to deal with adversity and how to navigate interpersonal relationships.  In my time working at Camp Laney, I have been a counselor, activity head and I currently am the full-time Program Director, a position that I have held for almost 10 years.  Drawing on my passion of working with children and young adults, I have pursued a Masters in Education in Human Development Counseling from my alma mater, Vanderbilt University with hopes to become a Licensed Professional Counselor.  Camp Sense is the organization and mechanism that allows me to combine my long time experience as a camp director and a soon-to-be mental health counselor.




I currently live in Nashville, Tennessee during the school year (camp off-season) with my wife, Ivey, and our two dogs, Bella and Penny, while spending our summers at Camp Laney.