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Why Camp? Why Me?

Why Camp?

Simply, because kids deserve a chance to be kids.  Today’s world plugs our children into television, computers, video games and social networking.  The days of unstructured play have all but disappeared.  Camp brings those days back.  It unplugs kids from the digital world and they can finally PLAY without restraints – no crazy schedules, just time to be themselves.  Friends are made face-to-face, outside in nature where the games don’t have remotes or keyboards.  Camp is the only industry in the world that’s sole focus is to help kids have fun … and along the way, they will learn independence, gain confidence and make friends and memories that will last a lifetime.  Why Camp?  Why not?

Why Me?

Because no camp is better than its staff.  A camp can have world class facilities, games and activities, but if its staff is not properly trained and well-prepared, then it will not provide a great experience for their campers.  And that is what I work to ensure – that camp staffs are ready to handle the physical, mental and emotional needs of their campers.  With over twenty years in the camp world and 10 years as a camp director, I can make a good staff great.